Table of Contents

Episodio 1

The story is about two Spanish friends that meet an American guy named Sam. Lola and Anna have a friend Pablo help teach Sam Spanish.The characters in the story are Lola, Anna, Pablo, and Sam. The time period of the story would be late 80's and maybe into the 90's. Reason why I think that is because of the way Lola and Anna dressed and the color of the walls. Some of the conflicts that happened in the story are that Lola and Pablo had a little fit over him using fitness gear. Lola and Anna got made over Sam saying the dog was in the oven because Pablo told him to say that. My favorite character is Sam because when he first got there they didn't like him but after Lola and Anna saw him after his shower they liked him just how he looked and I also though that was funny

Episodio 2

Some of the major conflicts in this episode was Sam's clothes. They solved the way he dressed having him go out by himself and buy his own clothes but before that Lola, Anna, and Pablo bought Sam clothes for Sam to wear. There was only on kinda new character and that was the land lord but all you heard was her talking on the phone. What I liked about this episode was Sam learning how to dress. I liked this because I thought that it was funny and a good way to learn the differences between elephant and shoe. Some spanish words that I learned was estbain= calm down, sapatas = shoes, buenas tardes= good afternoon, and Buenos Dias= good morning.

Episodio 3

In episode three of Sam the funniest part that I though was when Pablo and Sam were dancing together and showing how each other danced. A conflict in the episode was when Anna was online dating. Sam and Pablo were looking for dates that night and Lola and Anna went to there apartment dressed like dogs and showed them that it really was Anna and Lola.Laura, Mar, Carmen, and Isabelle were mentioned in this episode. Culture difference that I noticed between Spanish people and as a Mainer is the way we speak and the writing on appliances.