Rolfi's Diversity Day Essay

Diversity day is a day at Dirigo School celebrated 26 of January. We celebrate the different personalities, races, nationalities, religion ect. that are in the school. In spite of the differences we are all equal, we are all human.

The first person that talked in the gymnasium at the school was Mayer of Lewiston Sr. Jenkins. I like the way he opened the day. He also said how he made the day really funny. He touched on many different points.

My first session was "Beyond Tolerance" with Mr. Abdul Ali, we went over the islamic religion, how it was his life, Where he grew up and how it affects their lives. The beliefe of the cultures and their praying. It was a good speech, and the presentor was really good too.

In my second and fifth periods I talked about growing up in Venzuela.I spoke of importantdata in reality.I talked about the good and bad things in my days. I talked of evil and the concern on everyone's faces showed a fear as if they will never make it home. I like to talk about my country and my life.

I went to see Young speak about Korea south and how it was to grow up there, the education social life and compared it to the united states. It's interesting to learn this from two students.

There was another assembly about Sudan in Africa. He talked about the problems there. They had people/students get down on the floor and dance in front of the rest of the school I thought it was funny.

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